Teluk Batik: My Very First Venture without a Guardian

Hi and assalamualaikum

waddhuup babbeeess SPM sudah habis ! Alhamdulillah semuanya dah dipermudahkan. Everything went smooth and ease. Ok even tho semua paper tahun ni susah gila namati, ape2 pun aku bertawakal jela. Lagi lagi paper addmaths tu woi huhu.

Anyways, i guess this week wasn't bad after all. Em boleh la. Ade la hangout dengan member2 aku kt sini. We had mamak the night after SPM. And the next day pulak we played badminton at our nearby arena. It was fun, mate. Yeah im surely gonna miss all the joys and tears and all the sacrifices we had done in the midst of our battle for our final exams. Ya Allah rindu gila. Kelas tambahan, kelas malam, all the teachers at school, cikgu Koh (ah ni lagi rindu), school uniforms and the guy that i adore the most em.

Haih takpela. Life must move on. But really, i cant help it. It's just too painful when you realize that everything you cherish with people that you love for all these years has finally...have their own priorities and idk if those people gonna build a special palace for me in their minds..or probably just gonna forget me. 

Okey ! Enough with all the sadness mayyne. Man up ! huhuh

Plus, yesterday WAS AMAZING AND IT FELT LIKE IM ON THE SEVENTH HEAVEN AAHHH. I had the most estatic, wicked, unforgettable time indeed ! Just only the three of us, Latif ,Syazwan and I went on our very last minute trip to Teluk Batik. 

"Well sure aliah. It's just Teluk Batik no big deal man, there's nothing special going on there except just a pathetic oceans and crappy sands"

Oh damn shit you dont know what we have been through, you uncultured swine! The further i traveled, the wider my perspective was. Latif is very wise and familiar with all the roads. We traveled from the bus station idk where it is but it is nearby ACS school, to Mengelembu, Trono, Batu Gajah, Sri Iskandar, and lepas sampai Sri Iskandar we went into Manjung barula sampai ke Lumut. And semuanya took 3 hours bus ride with a ticket cost rm8.50 per body person. 

dalam bas whoop whoop. ini masa sebelum bas bertolak 

dah sampai Manjung. lepas makan kitorg solat zohor
 and i forgot what is the name of the mosque

Actually bus takde time2 macamni. And masa tu manade bus nak bawak passanger pergi Lumut lagi lagi hari Khamis. Latip ade cakap dengan sorang pakcik bus Perak Transit and he was willing to take us to Teluk Batik. Alhamdulillah may Allah bless you, pak cik :3

halamak selekeh tahap makkauhijau. pergi Lumut kena
bayar rm3 hehue

We arrived at Teluk Batik safe and sound :3 Sumpah weh aku tak tipu. It was my first time ever visiting there. Punyala perangai jakun macam orang tak pernah tengok pantai and yeah memang pun. Ive never seen such places like this for almost a year because of school and shitty exams. Huhuh im so grateful that these two guys made the top of my list as the first people who brought me there. Thank you, fams.

Aku tak mandi laut pun cuz i didnt bring my swimming suits. Lagipun, kalau aku mandi nanti rupa macam sealion kacukan hippo pulak euw. Aku just celup2 kaki kt laut and just enjoy the land breeze and chilly ocean. I burried my foot in the sands and also letting my skin burnt ah tu paling annoying skali T.T

Then we went for a walk across the beach. Hahaha takde pun matsalleh telanjang or pakai bikini ke ape. Semuanya orang2 Malaysia and that's good innit. We headed to the end of the beach. There was a small river heading towards the coast. Magnificent and overwhelming. I did know about those facts through books but it was lame. Tapi bila dah tengok depan mata, rasa terbuka fikiran aku like "ooohh macam tu ke rupa dia selama ni".

terjumpa batu. unique.

And then we went back the land. We ate ice-cream and bought air kelapa to quench our thirst. Pastu duduk2 sekejap and looked back of all the journey that we've been through. Rasa nyaman and sejuk je time tu. 

ais krim latip tinggal separuh, mine and wan's was legendary. ais krim 
roti and ais krim potong kacang merah yeaahh

Perrghh memang best la. Bau Latip dengan Wan macam algae. Bau kaki aku dah macam ikan pulak and im loving it ! Then diorang pun sambung mandi laut. Aku just duduk lepak-lepak saja biasa-biasa saja bawah pokok. Em kerusi lipat pun ada kena sewa wehhh hahahah rm2 shit xD

Lepas solat Asar, kitorang tunggu pak cik yang sama jugak. Yang bawak kitorang masa mula2 sampai kat Teluk Batik. 

Then after that, dah sampai kt bus station Manjung, terus naik bus lain and headed to Ipoh :') I felt sad over that time. But it was worth. Like finally you arrived at the destination all by yourself alhamdulillah. As usual. Kena bayar rm8.50 and dudukla dalam bus for 3 hours. I was asleep (em taktau la im petrified bila aku tidur pastu ternampak biji mata lol)

Pukul 8.30 pm, baru sampai Ipoh. Daaaaaa..

Okey sebenarnya our adventure didn't end there. Takde noktahnya lagi. WE TRAVELED ACROSS THE CITY. AHHH I JUST LOVE THE VIEW OF IPOH TOWN DURING THE NIGHT. Cantik sangat :"))) and totally out of this world !

Kitorang pergi KTM dulu. I swear to god first time pergi KTM waktu malam. 

idk what building is this BUT ISNT IT MAJESTIC ???!

sape lukis ni :3

Yup. It was thrilling. 

finally aku dapat amik gambar dengan pak cik oldtown !!
im your biggest fan and youve made me the most happiest girl alive! :D

nak tengok orang main bola. tapi masing2 perut rasa lapar.
so takpela heee

Penat cari tempat makan. Then Latip suggest kat kitorang pergi makan dekat Taman Permainan Kanak2 (apesal do nama mcmtu). 

our desert was ais kacang abc. heaven nohh. satu mangkuk abc kongsi
3 orang. aaahhhh best

Extras: masa time balik, aku pi bayar dekat kaunter and then toleh ke depan ternampak sorang muka mamat ni *.* His face looks exactly just like him eeeeppppppp! I thought it was him terkejut bhaii. And i was half blinded sebab spec habis kena masuk air hujan. But it wasnt him afterall. Orang lain. Gaya dia sama xD The beanie, the big sweater he wore and those glasses just *.* My crush's figure chubby2 sikit and mamat ni kurus2 but adorable. I stared at him blankly and seeing him smiling and his temple crinkled into starburst was just....captivating <3 

We called Latip's father and that's it. Tamat. Our journey ended in front of 7 eleven. Waited for almost half an hour for his father to pick us up. 

Sepanjang aku hidup, aku tak pernah rasa macam ni lagi. Sepanjang perjalanan nak pergi Teluk Batik ni macam2 dugaan aku kena hadap. Dugaan peluh, panas, rasa tak selesa and ujian nafsu asyik nak kunyah nak makan je. And one more thing that i learned is, kena sabar dengan perangai2 member. Tapi setakat ni semua okay. Takde nak cari pasal ke ape. Cuma, bila member takde duit or minta brape kupang, kau kena ikhlas bagi.

Memang memorable betul. Tired af but it was all worth it.

thank you :)

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