Heres To Another Year

ape nak jadi dengan playlist blog ni entahlanak. biarjela //cries//

Surprise, surprise. Happy 2016, lads! Hahaha i should be writing this post 2 days ago. Yeah, i was going to. But then i ended up staying in the bathroom for 30 minutes and i supposed that i've been celebrating my entire after-party new year in the toilet then. After that i posted this incredible horse sitting on top of gigantic blue ball on twitter and I thought that it would be an epic first tweet for year 2016. No regrets.

So. I guess that my new year went well so far. I met Muba in the evening of 1st January. Dah 2 minggu tak jumpa dia kot. We talked and talked and I already missed her. I hope everything goes well and I pray that her family is strong enough and being able to face the challenges after what had happened to their beloved Atah, ill lying in the hospital bed. I felt so sorry for them tho and hopefully that Atah is recovered as soon as possible.

Oh, i almost forgot. The typical new year resolution list. Nah i have nothing to say here. I'm looking forward for an official driver's liscence and furthering my studies to diploma that's all. And of course, i'm in the search for The Great Perhaps. I'm not sure what does that mean cuz I literally picked that quote from Green's Looking For Alaska novel. But it sounds wonderful which i probably guessing it may leads to the definition of the unknown event. Just like in the novel. Yeahhh. I'm looking forward to that as well. Manatau tetiba aku dapat travel around the world for free, or maybe a new adventure is around the corner..macam aku pergi Kellie's Castle and Teluk Batik haritu. Random je pergi hahaha. Or manatau terjumpa jodoh ke hehehehokdah

mekaceh abam2 semua sebab sudi bawak aku jenjalan.
lepasni kita travel lagi okei

And another more thing is that I hope i become a better person. I bitch people, and people will bitch me back. But for this time, i'm gonna bitch them in a good-mannered way. And also, i gotta love myself more and chill and watch all the things come and go. Like holding back the river.

Bila pikir2 balik, rasa kelakar la jugak tahun 2015. I think 2015 was an okay year for me. Macam2 cabaran aku tempuh. Feelings of regret, sebab tak belajar physic sampai habis and sampai sekarang aku still confuse pasal chapter heat and light and radioactive. Feeling disappointed and guilty, because i didn't put enough effort during school exams and made my opah n mama upset. Feeling in love, affectionate toward my friends during our fighting and killing for SPM. Also falling in love over the wrong person, hahaha ini paling lawak i've been obsessed over this guy for years and it's time for letting this awful,hideous grip go. Falling for him was worth it. And last but not least, feeling grateful. I'm grateful for every moment that i spent and each breath that I took in.

kenapa semua menghilang

Ohgosh. The most important, by that i mean SIGNIFICANT thing of all the significance is that my favourite american babes Pierce The Veil are going to release NEW ALBUM AGAGGAGAGAGGAGAGAG I CANT WAIT. Sumpah siaa tak sabar gila (ok im done cuz pasal benda ni aku dah banyak menganjing kt twitter dah). 2016 is gonna be lushes and fabulous with these guys :D ya Allah aku harapla diorang buat tour kat sini :')

Welp rasanya ini je kot aku nak cerita, eventho sebenarnya banyak lagi aku nak share kt sini. Maybe next time. And i will be adding some throwback moments for the next update heheh. xoxoxo byee

Cheers to sublimes souls and existence, lads ! *clings wine glass*

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