nostalgic nuance

Assalamualaikum and good mornin' !

Danngg I had a remarkable times in these past few days. Really. Last week Muba, Sarah and I hang out for the very first time in year 2016. Yeah the meeting went official tho. Hahaha hang out kt pasar malam je. Cuma this year different sikit. I dont know what or which part was but it felt slightly different than last year. Aku pun taktau apa dia. 

While we hanging out, Muba ajak pergi Parade on that Saturday. Just to sell our old, worn out reference books that are no longer needed which has been cluttered our houses for several years. Well, I managed to get rm15 for 8 books TvT. Lels last2 duit tu lenyap jugak sebab pakai untuk tambang bas, beli makanan semua tu. Ahmagah.

On that Saturday tu jugak, Abang Wan and Mommy came visiting here :')) Dayyum Abang Wan makin hensem nohh. Abang Wan highlighted a touch of his front hair, had his head trimmed on the both sides, and he have also worked out. In that evening we had good pizzas, sharing stories and chill.

Malam lepas maghrib tu, Abang Syafiq pulak datang melawat :')) We had dinner together and at that moment, I thought this situation, the gatherings, the prosperities, the laughs that we used to had 8 years ago will never appear. Goddamn i feel all nostalgic already. Watching them devoured those fried chicken, sambal sotong associated with stuffed cabbage and eggs while sharing stories about Abang Wan's first shotgun in navy, Abang Syafiq's life and his jokes made my mind float in the midst of ecstasy. It was precious sebab dah lama gila tak berkumpul macam ni.

At 10.30 pm Abang Wan, Abang Syafiq and I hang out at the porch. They had cigars and we talked, and talked and talked till we didnt realize it was already 1.30 am. We spoke about politics, jokes and memes, global warming, about life, dirty talks and all that. These guys even gave me a tricky life hacks bila sambung belajar masuk universiti nanti. They are wise. Hahaha macam2 la life hacks aku dapat. Oh, they even talked about their relationships. Abang Wan lepas balik KL nanti ada date dengan sorang chinese girl. They'll be going on ice skating. Abang Syafiq pulak cuma pikir nak settle down with his long-term girlfriend. I hope everything went well, bros. Plus, Abang Syafiq even talked about how pathetic kids in these generation, how absurd they performing moshes in gigs, how sick are kids in these days treating schools, teacher and other people. Quite offended but I couldnt agree more. Salute !

And then we hang out at McDonald's for a couple of minutes(abang syafiq bawak kereta macam orang gila --'). Had a large curly fries and cokes. Then we headed straight to Ipoh city and had some street burger. We wandered around gerbang malam and went into this ranggi store. Kawan Abang Syafiq punya. Fuhh best gila. Jual macam2 benda rare kt situ. Later that night, kitorang balik rumah and that's it. 2.30 am sampai rumah dah. 

I felt momentous during that day. Tak sangka do. They are the first who brought me lepak2 sampai tengah2 pagi. They are the first elderly seniors who I hang out with. And they're the first for being all open-minded and straight forward when preach, even kalau kutuk menghina diri masing2 still tak amik hati hahahah. I will always love both of them.

can't we go back to page one and do it all over again ?

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