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Well, lagi beberapa hari lagi aku nak amik result SPM 2015 and also test dengan jpj. Haihh. Macam2 aku tgh pikir sekarang ni. Pasal result, test jpj nanti, masa depan, duit..macam2 hal lagi la. 

Entahla. Aku taktau nak cakap ape dah sekarang ni. I came here just to let out all of my thoughts and my feelings that has been messing up my mind today.

I have been following numerous of talented people on instagram. An illustrator, a graffti artist, a mural drawer and also a tattoo artist. As I scrolling through their feeds and posts I felt so amazed by their gifted aptitude and I have so much respect for them. And somehow, I wanted to become like them one day. I have always wanted to become a street artist and sending my messages to the nation in my own damn way with own damn art. Bukan sebab nak famous, tapi sebab aku geram tengok dinding putih bersih yg ade kt Malaysia ni hahaha. And yeah aku nak jugak to be the first person who extend the art of banksy to the whole city.

Tapi, ye la kan. I dont have the basic skills or even enough art supply to start it. I still remember the first time I get all excited about acrylics and various of paint brushes. Aku rindu nak lukis potrait. Aku rindu nak illustrate doodle. Ohmygodness i'm having the urge to art-talk with someone right now. 

only in Kinokuniya. Aaahhhhh !! menyesal tak
beli masa dok kl hritu !

Haa. Aku pun dah siap mohon dekat UPU. Dalam senarai tu, aku tak pilih course seni langsung. Aku nak. Memang nak sangat2. Hmm tapi bila pikir2 balik, i'm not an artistic person at all. I'm just a person who appreciates the beauty of artwork and seeking for more of them. Yeah in other words, it is like a form of obsession. Art isn't something that should be pretty, it is something that should make you feel. As far as i know, art has make me feel being free from all the world's heaviness.

So the priorities that i've chose were diploma in pharmacy, science, TESL, and engineering. Based on the SPM result nanti la. Aku harap sangat aku dapat pharmacy. Aaamiin.

I'm gonna end my post here. Aku doakan semua calon2 spm 2015 dapat keputusan yang terbaik and cemerlang. Minta doa banyak2 supaya Allah tabahkan hati masa amik result nanti. Apa2 keputusan yang kita dapat, just redha and mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya. Goodluck ;)

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