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Hello guys :) wahh it has been a while. Yeah it is. I'm grand in these days. Finally god gave me the oppurtunity to have my own 'The Great Perhaps' escapades. There are so many stories I would like to share here since I have encountered vast occasions for this week and also the previous week. But let me tell ya the most thrilling adventure that I had yesterday with my lads.

Lets get started now aite.

Yesterday was estatic and overwhelming ! Oh my lawwddd the lads and I had been planning this for a month (make it 2 months) and FINALLY WE'VE REACHED THE SUMMIT OF MOUNT KLEDANG WHOOP WHOOP. I didn't expect Ajad and Najmi would join this adrenaline-rushing climb with us.

Yeah, i know. It's just Mount Kledang and probably the pros would consider this as 'hiking for noobs'. Yeah pal i am noob but I owe the pleasures so back off before I hit you with frozen turkey in your face, you uncultured protein princess. Ni nak marah ni hahahaha okok.

There are two ways for us to get to the peak. We have a wide walks from gentle rambles to adventure treks. Our gentle walks was simply on tar road while our adventure treks started when we saw paths on the mountains. Mula2 tu jalan atas tar and then we took 2 or 3 hikes on the mountain trails.

we're almost there

Actually I didn't really planned that we should hike on the mountain trails because it was seemingly terrifying and quite tough since the dry-soft soils undulated the hiking spot. Agak mencabar you know, lagi2 untuk orang noob macam aku ni. But I, we all did or had to took the risk sebab Ajad was being all snoobish and challenged my nerves and I probably heard him calling me a chicken under his breath. Lagi la rasa tercabar hahahah

you aint so tough now, is you ?? aku pun boleh
panjat la blah la kau ajad ;P

Rasa nak nangis pun ade la jugak bila panjat ye la, sebab first time kan. I almost stuck my foot during the climb on the narrow trail. BUT YEAH IT WAS ALL WORTH IT YO. As we reached the summit, we witnessed the immense and spacious of the small town of Mengelembu. I swear it was the most beautiful sceenary that i've ever seen for this new year wehhh. It was all worth it really. I couldn't explain the serenity into words y'all should come here and witness them with your own eyessss !

It took us about 3 hours to reach our destination. Sebenarnya kitorang nak sambung lagi sampai ke puncak yang ada RTM station thingys. But Najmi's shoe soles had worn out and detached so our journey ended there and decided to go back to the starting point. Takpe, lain kali Naj akan beli kasut baru and we're gonna make it to da top !! That's gonna be on my bucket-list for sure !

hahahahhahahah!!! part ni paling lawak !!! nak turun bukit amik
masa 1 jam je. we escalated down the hill like maniacs bc the
gravity pulled us down really hard. ya Allah i still have the video of this and
couldn't stop watching it tho xD

pengsan dah ajad

Please do enjoy our descent pictures here :D

ajad memang hantu selfie. he selfies
even when we're on the dangerous pit of our lives. despite, dia selfie
tak lupa ajak member skali. how impressive

selekeh. i feel that im the undiscovered supermodel. 

we matkool 

Okay gambar last..


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