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Ayyo. Actually I have the urge to write here since the day after SPM result but I postpone it until now. Haa sekarang baru ada chance nak cecite kt sini

First of all, alhamdulillah. My SPM result was okay :') I didn't really expect to get 5As for it cuz I was paranoid about the whole marks scheme and graph thingy. Yang paling aku terkezut kan..subjek2 yang aku tak focus and study last2 minute dapat A. Killer science subject yang aku dah lama gila focus several months before SPM tak dapat A. OMG im sobbing rn. I got As for my BM BI MATHS HISTORY and ISLAMIC EDU. AddMaths CHEM PHYS dapat C (chemistry C+ ehem) BIO pulak B+. Alhamdulillah asalkan ada A :')

Tapi yela kan. Aku paling down pasal subject biology and chemistry tu la. I worked extremely hard for those two subjects and my aim was to get an A for those two hm. Takpela rezeki takde or maybe jawapan aku cincai kot. 

Paling best masa amik result was dapat jumpa member2 aku ya Allah :') Akhirnya dapat jugak lepas rindu kt diorang. Dah comey comey semuanya. Okay furthermore IM SO DAMN FUCKING PROUD WITH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. Aku bangga gila dengan semua kawan2 aku sebab they managed to survive throughout the year for as long as I could remember. Dan yang paling aku bangga sekali sebab diorang semua TAK PERNAH GIVE UP. They didn't give up on Allah's faith and still working their best as they could. Lads im proud of you guys ! You guys are doing great and hold on okay bcuz things will get better alrite :)

babes im proud of y'all. te amo ❤

After that Farah's dad brought us, Ainin Dahlia Sarah Muba and I celebrating our SPM's result. We hung out at JJ and watched a movie. The London Has Fallen. Goddamn it was epic LONG LIVE MIKE BENNIGAN. 

Hm apelagi eh. Oohh. Hehe. The highlight of the day was I got to see my crush and it has been a while <3 Idk aku bukannya nak syok sendiri ke ape. He stood a few inches away from me and I actually smiled at him. And he gave me the warmest, sweetest smile of all. Taktau la dia senyum kt aku ke or senyum sorang2 tapi ape salahnya nak syiok sendri aite :> Oh lawd he was fine as hell and I could feel his good vibes radiating towards me. For the first time I saw him during that day, he was as if dripping like a saturated sunrise. And that smile just...blew my mind away and it was overwhelming

Hahahahha okay dah dah mula la nak berjiwang bagai. AAAAhhhh i just realized something. Aku still takboleh nak move on gila xD He has a new girlfriend now hm kali ke berapa ntah aku taktau. Pelik aku ni, he's an asshole and a jerk but I still look at him as if he's the one who put the stars up at the horizon. Dah elok2 aku move on tetiba tak boleh move on. It's okay. Lama2 nanti the feelings will vanish as soon as I pursue my studies.

Speaking bout studies. Aku dah siap daftar semua and i'm suddenly not feeling confident with my choices as I used to. Aku harap semua yang aku rancang ni berjalan dengan lancar. Tapi apa2 pun, Allah's plan is better and cant deny with it. 

Okay. I'll end my post here. Bye2 for now.

p/s: happy birthdayyy toooo meeeeeeeeemememmememe :DD

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