Hari Anugerah and H


Cool-breezy wind hit into my face as I sat down in the school's garden.
Then I saw you glanced right next beside me, and am very privilleged by the smirk you gave as I smiled to you.

Never, ever in my mind expecting you to come to this event.

You looked great. Always have. With those creamy-white slacks longing up upon your torso, which really suits with your formal shirt. I am fond by your spectacles, the bestest thing whenever I get to see your face. And I'm absolutely in love with your new haircut.

You sat behind me in the hall. I heard you art-talked with your friends. And every word, every single word came out of your mouth. They made me feel like the way music does. Every of it seems to turn into love song. I love it how you pour all of your expression and passion to others. 

The best thing was, when you walked on that stage with the black blazer and how exquisite the look on your face when you received those prices. I'm so damn proud of you.


Aku bangga gila bila nampak kau naik atas pentas.
Dengar cerita yang kau akan interview esok.
I love it the way you hold your trophy, and the look on your face was totally one in a million.
I'm infatuated by your husky voice whenever you speak.
The way you walk, to the way you talk.
Serious ah aku bangga dengan kau.

Cuma. Bila aku dah ada peluang, dapat jumpa kau harini...I still didn't have the guts to congratulate you. At least a 'hi' would be nice. Today was the prove that God gave me the chance to at least have a small talk with you and to make the confession that i've been holding on for so long.

Tapi aku yang bodoh. Bodoh dan pengecut dan penakut sebab aku tak tegur kau langsung. Bodoh sebab tak pakai peluang tadi.

Sampai sekarang aku rasa menyesal. I don't know how could I keep up with this cuz I couldn't bare the weight that has been on my shoulders for so many years. Aku takut yang aku takkan dapat jumpa kau lepas ni. I'm petrified that I might keep this feeling away from you for the rest of my life.

Bila aku confess, aku ketepikan semua rejection, acceptence, kau nak maki aku ke apa semua tu. Yang penting aku dah luahkan tu je. Falling in love sucks. It's harder when I have to wake up everyday and gotta to force myself carry this load on my chest. Susah.

Tapi, aku redha. Lepas ni, bila aku dah move on and madly in love with someone else, aku akan bagitau orang tu cepat2 yang aku sayangkan dia. Aku nak ubah perangai pengecut aku ni kalau boleh.

Still, you will always be first of everything tho.

bukan desperate. cuma luahan semata lelz.

adduuhh nak sedih2. meh sini aku payung gambar tadi.
ni pun aku bangga ngn korang jugak hahaha. (zoom muka aku aqil 
ngn zul zzzzz tido)

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