Long Car Rides: Kuala and Taiping


Hai. Doakan aku ye sebab Sabtu ni aku ada interview dekat UTM. Esok dah kena bertolak ke KL. Ya Allah, i'm petrified, nervous and excited at the same time (tang mana kamu nk excited aliah T.T). I'll give my best and leave the rest to Allah. Itu je. Dah aku taknak cerita memanjang pasal ni. Nervous bhaii.

Ok ok. In a meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of my friends and I visiting and one-day travelling with Muiz's car. Until these days aku still belek2 handphone bukan sebab ape. Belek2 and tengok balik gambar2 masa ni and masa Hari Anugerah. And also gambar2 kitorang masa sebelum SPM. Serious ah, it's 2016 and aku still takle move on haih :')


Unexpected journey. Our plan was going to wander around the pekan. Suddenly we took the abnormal pave. Masuk highway terus pergi Kuala Kangsar and Taiping. Yes. I remembered the car musics we had. The endulating of unknown hills are evergreen plus the thumping rytheme of the radio makes me feel all nostalgic until now. As usual, i will always be the one getting roasted by Sarah and Muba idk why D: Rindu ah. Banyak gila video aku rakam sepanjang perjalanan tu em.

First stop. Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah. I learned a lot in here but sadly the visitors can't take picture inside since the posessions are royally authentic. The main important is we shall know that our Sultan rocks ! He had achieved so many recognition from all parts of the world including Her Majesty, The Queen Of England omg. Seriously, he owe as many credentials as I remember such as Doktor Falsafah Undang-undang and Doktor Kesusasteraan. Try to imagine learning laws and understanding them through books. Damn thick books! Yela, 10th century kot manada internet and technology. Ni aku belajar addmaths 2 tahun tak pass2 lagi adoi.

Furthermore, the gallery also add up his huge collection of ancient currencies, his dining table sets, his glory collections of book of laws (serious tebal gila), the royal attires, very sophisticated baby cradle, neatly sewed graduation hats and robes plus the royal family portrait. Hats off to you, mate. Daulat Tuanku !

magnificence, great beauty. it was an honour to be here,sire.
i learned a lot and looking forward to be here for the next trip

babes. SHOUT OUT TO MUIZ sebab sudi bawak kitorang
jalan-jalan dengan kereta kau !! thanks dude!! goodluck sambung belajar 
dekat KL nanti wehh!! dont forget us here ;'D

Next stop. Ke Taiping. Ni pun amik masa yang lama jugak. As we reached to Taiping, as they called as the heritage city, memang seronok ! It was divine and I love the elements and the historic buildings that has been left by the British army. It was a cloudy day and starring to the silhoutte of primeval structures with a bit of twisted modern on it was pleasurable and admirable. Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan. My mind opened broadly at this very moment.

aku takde gambar pekan taiping sebab semuanya rakam.
but do enjoy this picture of Taiping Prison. creepy do masa stop dekat
redlight someone was stalking over from the guard house

kt atas tingkap tu haa orang tu stalk. still cant get the image of his straight face
outta my mind tho 

breezy and cloudy. bestnyaa kalau dpt hiking bukit sana hewhew

Gerak lu. Lepastu dah sampai ke Zoo Taiping, which has been requested by Muba. Hmm aku taktau la berbaloi ke tak pergi zoo sana, with the adult ticket costed rm17 each. The zoo wasn't as cheerish as it was before. In my days when i was like 12 (kali terakhir pergi), the zoo was really outgoing and lively. But in these days, it seemed completely abandon and quite shrubbery as well. Aku taktau la time tu takde activity meriah ke ape. As long Muba happy, I pun happy hiks.

look who's happy with her FIRST REAL encounter with
giraffes. eksited beno kamu ni

yang ni pulak takut zirafah datang dekat hahahaha

lepastu gerak pergi tengok kangaroo (omg so cute!!).
dalam beberapa minit kemudian, hujan turun. nasib tak lebat T.T 

Every place I visit selama aku hidup 18 tahun ni, semuanya tinggal kenangan manis. Tapi tempat ni tinggalkan aku kenangan pahit manis ! THERE WAS A FREAKING HUGE BULL TRYNA MAKE ME AS ITS TARGET. AND I WAS LIKE "WHUUTT". AND MY FRIENDS WAS LIKE "ALIAH DIA NAK KEJAR BEG MERAH KAU TU !!". AND I WAS LIKE "!?!?!?!?!". "WEH ALIAH LAGI KAU LARI LAGI DIA TUNJUK TANDUK WEH". AND I WAS LIKE "!!!!!!".

You see? Memang nightmare betul ! Rasa nak nangis tapi aku tergelak sepanjang jalan nak cari keluar dari zoo tu. Haihh good times.

Kk gerak lu. Lepas keluar dari zoo tu, kitorang pergi Muzium Taiping. More knowledge ayy. The museum have 2 floors. Ground floor exhibits our traditional culture elements from all of our different races. They also exhibit varieties of animal kingdom and species, to the old methods of how this state could get their tin ores. Ahh lagi best belajar macam ni daripada belajar dalam buku sejarah ! 

sebenarnya adat nak kahwin ni bukannya menyusahkan pun.
mentaliti orang kita yang masalah tu je. nak tokok tambah dari yang asal.
 haih melayu2

Tingkat 2 pulak cerita pasal etnik and suku kaum orang asli. It exhibits how the natives work and live with their daily routine. Damn it was so metal back then and now. Like, you wanna cook? Well bitch be better get your ass up and go dig rocks and minerals and carve the fuck out of it. Semuanya handmade tools wehh. Bersyukur la aku hidup zaman teknologi ni.

naik tingkat 2. masuk2 je ternampak ni. i could tell that
this is a picture of my elementary school friends. semua muka
nokharam and i hate them all. 
(ok sori teringat masa sekolah rendah dlu member macam tahi)

i died fab. no no this is real not an artifact ok

macam2 labu sayong. that includes me TvT

Ok. Lepastu pergi luar. There were old rides and transportation. Jet world war II pun ade jugak !

Lepastu balik ke Ipoh :')
Nak nangis time nak balik tu. Rasa nak nangis jugak sebab perut lapar time tu. I couldn't describe how happy I was sebab dapat travel dengan member aku yang lepasni takkan boleh jumpa dah. Guys, and to the guys yang kita kawan kt sekolah, aku sayang korang semua. Eventho kita tak pernah contact ke ape, aku tetap sayang korang *peluk ketat ketat*

Nanti bila ada masa nanti aku nak buat dedication post banyak2 untuk member aku ye :')) 


muka semua selekeh, serabai, muka lapar, muka penat.
but it was all worth. love u guys!!! and also to those other people yang aku tak
pergi travel lagi, love u guys as well !